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Welcome to AgeTek

Welcome to the Aging Technology Alliance web site. We’ve put together a compilation of member products in one place in case you’re searching for that special something for Mom, Dad or someone you care for. Just click the link below and you’ll see the best that AgeTek member companies have to offer to make life easier, safer or just plain better for those you love and care for. You can also browse by category in the Product Finder on the far left.

If you’re new to this site, we’re the not-for-profit Aging Technology Alliance™ (AgeTek™ for short) — over sixty companies and organizations dedicated to promoting the awareness, benefits and value of products and services for our aging society. Our goal is to evolve into the world’s leading aging-focused technology consortium to make it easy for you to find products and services that can help your elder loved ones be happy and healthy as they grow older.

If you work at a company that creates solutions like these, come join us! See how by being a member of the Alliance, your company can go farther, faster, and more effectively reach people in need. Be a part of the movement matching technology to life.

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