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History of the Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek)

The Aging Technology Alliance was formed because the people who need solutions to help their elder loved ones safely age in their own homes have a difficult time finding them. And, the companies who make, sell and install these solutions have a difficult time finding the very people who need them most. So we formed AgeTek, an alliance of companies whose goal is to develop the products and services that will help us all enjoy the second half of our lives.

AgeTek is a non-profit member company organization that is dedicated to bringing together the people who create innovative products and services and those that need them. If this is your company’s focus…join us, and change the way people can thrive as they get better, not just older. If you’re looking for a unique way to make someone’s life better, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at the Product Finder on the left and find the solution you were looking for and the AgeTek member company who makes it.

How AgeTek Got Started

In Summer of 2009, I spoke at the UCLA Technology and Aging conference. Charlie Hillman, CEO of GrandCare Systems, was sitting in the audience and had his VP of Marketing, Laura Mitchell, contact me after the show. Laura mentioned how GrandCare hosted weekly webinars that were open to the industry, and asked if I would like to be a guest speaker. I happily agreed and we scheduled a date for that Fall. My talk ran a bit short and I found myself with some extra time. Since it was all industry people on the call, I mentioned just how difficult and expensive it was to effectively get our message across to people looking for products and services for their aging relatives. In the back-and-forth that went on between Laura, myself and the audience, we wondered out loud if there would be value in creating an organization that could help the industry as a whole through networking, sharing of best practices, and working collaboratively. The response was very positive and we agreed to look into this further.

A few months later at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, about 30 companies attended a meeting set up by the Silvers Summit chairman, Susan Ayers Walker, to discuss the formation of an industry organization. The group agreed this was a good idea and we formed an Ad Hoc Board of Directors to start the ball rolling. In the ensuing months, the board developed the organization's name, mission statement, bylaws and governance structure. We have since incorporated as a not-for-profit organization and have achieved our tax-exempt status. We have also had formal elections which resulted in the current board of directors shown above.

Since our formation, the seven AgeTek board members have met twice a month via conference call to attend to the needs of the organization. Speaking on behalf of the board members, many positive business affiliations have resulted from the work we have put into the alliance. We welcome others in the industry who are looking to help our efforts and gain benefits through involvement. Recently, we have engaged the Continuum Crew agency to help the alliance with its marketing and communication efforts. We have also gained a tremendous asset with Jill Kerr, of Home Controls accepting the position of Communications Director. We are looking to fill out other key volunteer staff positions, so if you are interested, please contact me at agetek@me.com.

— Peter Radsliff, Chairman, Aging Technology Alliance

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